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  • Annie Brown

When Is A Good Time to Plan...Now!

I met a senior citizen by chance out shopping, I gave her my business card and I asked her to give me a call to talk about how I could assist her by providing in-home care services. She asked if I could explain what that would mean to her and I stated to her that the services I assisted individuals with such as; Light housekeeping, washing clothes, folding clothes, dusting, cleaning refrigerator, cleaning the stove, mopping the floors, vacuuming, grocery shopping, planning transportation to doctor visits, assisting with mail/going to Post Office, sweeping the floors,etc. you get the picture.

Well come to find out this person is well able to pay for services, but have a mindset of, "I can't afford to pay for services in my home", this person is making sure family members are taking care of and not herself.

Its commendable on any person who wants to make sure their family members are taken care of when they leave this earth, but make sure they are taken care of first. When I assist the potential client in reviewing their income and financial picture(Disclaimer:I am by no means a financial adviser)to give them a clear understanding of what they really can afford.

I do this, not just for me to secure a client, but for them to make an informed decision.

Please if you have a family member that is needing to make end of life decisions, assist them in doing this with, not just good information, but with great information.

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